GirlHacks 2023
September 23-24

Who Are We

GirlHacks is a 24-hour, MLH sanctioned hackathon aimed to support college students in STEM. GirlHacks 2023 will be held on September 23rd-24th in person. Participants will work in teams of up to four to design and innovate amazing projects in just 24 hours. The hackathon will have the help of excellent mentors from our distinguished sponsors such as ADP, Merck, and more! There will also be exciting workshops and tech talks to attend. GirlHacks hopes to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all hackers. Any college student regardless of gender, major, or school is welcome to participate! Registration is now OPEN!

Our Origins

GirlHacks stemmed from the NJIT WiCS on campus. WiCS is an organization that engenders and supports NJIT's growing community of women studying in the fields of computing and technology. Through WiCS, members develop their skill set at student-hosted workshops, participate in mentorship, and network at national conferences. GirlHacks aspires to extend this mission and to create NJIT's women centric hackathon!








Empowering Event




Can I attend?

We are aiming to create a hackathon targeted towards college aged females! More specifically, it is aimed at female or non-binary hackers! All genders are welcome to attend the hackathon! It is an all inclusive hackathon.

What if I can't code?

Welcome to the first-time club! GirlHacks's primary goal is to be a first-time friendly hackathon for students of all ages! We got you covered with our workshops and mentors who will be there through-out the entire event.

What is the format of the event?

The event will be held in person. We have so much planned for everyone, including virtual activities! We can't wait to see you there!

Does it cost money to attend?

The event is free for all of our hackers.

Can I use an old project?

Why don't we build something new? The whole fun of this hackathon is building something new from scratch with a team or alone. We also have a team building session, so don't panic if you don't have a team before coming!

What should I bring?

Attendees should bring a form of identification, and whatever you need to hack. This includes your laptop, your charger, and any hardware you'll need for your project.

Do you offer parking?

Yes, free overnight parking will be available to hackers at the NJIT parking deck located at 42 Wilsey St, Newark NJ.

Rules + Code of Conduct

We will be abiding by the MLH Code of Conduct. If you have any more questions that we have not answered please feel free to email us at



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